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Industrial PhD

Industrial PhD

Until just four years ago I never thought of myself as a scientist but during our studies we were encouraged to start publishing our results to the scientific community and two of us soon became employed by the University to work part time on research projects. That was the coolest paid job I had so far and I immediately felt that research was the right thing for me and was happy to continue doing it also after my EMSS graduation.

After a year at AAU I got a research contract with a nearby waste recycling company, AVV, where I will do an industrial PhD. That means that I share my time between the waste industry and Aalborg University trying to answer the question: “How can AVV develop competencies, knowledge and relations to support its role in the development of a circular economy that prevents waste?”.

A key aspect is to create and implement social experiments and engage in dialogue with local actors. The overall method is action research where I am involved in making real life changes while studying them – some call it “living lab”. It feels great to be part of a team that makes a difference – right here, right now.