Life Cycle Assessment

Profile with Life Cycle Assessment

Meet Ulysses, the expert in Life Cycle Assessment

The profile within Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a career focusing on work within the private sector – either at a large company or a consultancy firm – or with (international) business organizations. Candidates within this profile might also join a University or research institute, as PhD openings on LCA are frequent.

Like Ulysses, you will learn how to apply a mainstream tool for the environmental assessment of products. This means that you will for example learn how to calculate the carbon footprint of any product, as well as other impacts on a life cycle perspective, i.e. by considering all life-cycle stages from material extraction to use and end-of-life of the product. This is achieved via the development of quantitative skills and systems thinking skills, that are then applied directly to the modelling of industrial systems and supply chains.

You will learn to gather, handle, and analyze LCA data using dedicated software and databases that are used by companies and researchers worldwide. For example, you might carry out the LCA study of a specific product for a company during your first semester project, or use LCA to study the impact of an organization or policy in the second semester project. You will then develop skills in reporting and communicating LCA results, as well as in understanding and critically review existing LCA studies.

Ulysses achieved his profile through the following projects:

1st semester: Comparative LCA of bio-based versus fossil-based plastics (in collaboration with a company)
2nd semester: Combining input-output analysis and LCA to study the impact of increasing the electric vehicles fleet in Europe.
3rd semester: Internship on using LCA to compile environmental product declarations (EPD)
4th semester: Assessing the sustainability of different vegetable oil alternatives by means of LCA.

Examples of previous EMSS students with similar profile and career are:

Michele De Rosa works in 2.0 LCA, a Danish LCA consultancy company. [LinkedIn]
Lucia Valsasina works as data analyst at ecoinvent, the biggest LCA database provider worldwide. [LinkedIn]
Madeleine Molitor is a PhD student in LCA of circular plastic economy at Frauenhofer Institute. [Website]
Gilang Hardadi is a PhD student at the industrial ecology group in Freiburg University. [Website]