environmental Management & Sustainability Science

Profile within Sustainable Production & Eco-Design

Meet Anna, the expert in Sustainable Production & Eco-Design

The profile within production and design is a career focusing on work within the private sector – either at a company or a consultancy firm – or with (international) business organisations. To a lesser degree, candidates within this profile are employed in the public sector.

Like Anna, you will be working with tools and systems of sustainable production. This includes for example developing, documenting and communicating sustainability efforts, e.g. implementing environmental management systems (such as ISO14001), corporate social responsibility, product labels; as well as heading new product development.

Within the Production profile, you might specialise in specific sectors, e.g. textile or plastics, or through specific tools, e.g. management systems such as the ISO 14000 (environment) or 26000 (social responsibility).

Anna achieved her profile through the following projects:

  • 1st semester: Eco-Labelling of Energy Using Products
  • 2nd semester: How can Voluntary Environmental Programs be used as policy instruments for greenhouse gas emission reduction in developing countries? Evidence from Brazil, India and Vietnam
  • 3rd semester: Environmental Management and corporate sustainability at Gabriel (production company)
  • 4th semester: Motivating Sustainable Agriculture

Examples of previous EMSS students with similar profile and career are: