environmental Management & Sustainability Science

Specialist in environmental assessment of large infrastructure projects

Meet Bertram, the expert in environmental assessment of large infrastructure projects.

Bertram is concerned with the environmental and social impacts from developments and human activities. He is engaged with questions like: How do we identify and map consequences of plans for new infrastructures? What are best practice on minimising environmental impacts? How do we make new infrastructure acceptable to local population? What tools are most appropriate in predicting specific impact types?

Like Bertram you will in this profile be working with the planning of environmental issues in areas and flows. This could entail zoning of activities, environmental permits for companies, and assessment of impacts with a focus on issues such as nature protection, transportation, modal shifts, drinking water, surface water, etc.

Within the environmental planner profile, you can specialise yourself in specific sectors or tools applied in the public sector. Bertram chose to specialise in environmental impact assessment of harbour developments. This profile is attractive since harbour activities most often involve a complex mix of environmental issues and since harbour activities are expanding world wide.

Bertram made a strong competence profile through the following projects:

  • 1st semester: Sustainable port operation (e.g. Rotterdam)
  • 2nd semester: Rules and institutions that regulate harbour development - and how to facilitate better dialogue
  • 3rd semester: Legislative issues on environmental impact assessment of harbours - internship in Rambøll
  • 4th semester: Quality assurance in the new EU Directive on environmental impact assessment (report)

The environmental planner specialisation is a career option within the planning of spatial aspects of human activities. The career may happen at authorities or private consultancy companies working with public planning tasks.

Examples of previous EMSS students with similar profile and career are: