environmental Management & Sustainability Science

Profile within Natural Resource Management

Meet Esther, the expert in natural resouce management.

The profile within natural resources management is a career focusing on work with public sector organization, either local, national or international, with consultancy companies, or with (international) non-governmental organizations. With a profile in NRM, you will be able to critically analyse distinct approaches towards management of various natural resources, taking into consideration socio-technical aspects such as legislation, ownership schemes, extraction technologies and the ethical distribution of resources. In addition to ecological aspects related to the sustainability of the resource. 

Like Esther, you will be working with resource scarcity and impacts of resource extraction on nature and local societies. This includes assessment of risks and involvement of actors, e.g. within the mining sector, protection and management of wildlife and natural reserves, stakeholder engagement, and policy development. 

Within the Nature & Resources profile, you might specialize in specific topics, e.g. mining, fisheries or land management / agriculture, or through specific approaches and economic thinking (such as ecological versus environmental economics). Your profile will be emphasized by place-based learning and spatial orientation and can be applied both nationally and internationally. You might thus work with fish stocks in Danish waters, oil and gas resources in Greenland, agriculture in the global south, and/or fuel resources in Ghana.

Esther made a strong competence profile through the following projects:

  • 1st semester: Business & Biodiversity: The role of business in conserving biodiversity
  • 2nd semester: Environmental management of the Danish plaice fishery in the North Sea
  • 3rd semester: Climate Change and local implications: A case study of coral reefs at Misali Island, Pemba, Zanzibar
  • 4th semester: Sustainability and Oil Exploration in Uganda – the case of Uganda's Albertine Region

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