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internship in Bangkok

internship in Bangkok

I am Marina Nazarenko and I went to Bangkok, Thailand for the third semester of my master studies in EMSS. I did my internship in the world famous jewelry company called Pandora.

My project firstly consisted in recommending a set of environmental and business ethics key performance indicators and secondly to investigate the consistency between the corporate social responsibility policy of the company and its implementation. I faced a few challenges throughout the project but it was a valuable, enriching and interesting experience. I learned among other things how to deal with the needs and objectives of the company and my academic development at the same time. This allowed me both to be more objective and professional. It was a win-win situation, as on the one hand the company would be able to integrate the results of the project within their own targets, and on the other hand, I was able to get a deep understanding about the project topic and to be integrated in the company and thus its perspective.

Apart from the academic advantages, I travelled as much as I could in my leisure time and I managed to see awesome places and meet nice people. I got involved in the Thai culture by eating the same food than they do, visiting other places than just touristic places and making Thai friends. The main drawback was the Thai language, as hardly anyone spoke good English, but at least, people were usually friendly.

I highly recommend the internship experience to anyone who wants to gain more practical and professional experience related to their studies and at the same time to encounter intensive adventures.