Environmental Management & Sustainability Science

EMSS research environment

EMSS research environment

The research environment covering the Master’s programme of Environmental Management includes several internationally recognised researchers. The research staff teaching at attached the programme is primarily to four research groups:

In the research groups, a significant part of the research is carried out in collaboration with external partners such as other universities and research institutions, and conducted for ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Environment. Recent publications can be seen at this page.

Research staff

Most of the researchers are located at the at the Department of Development and Planning at Aalborg University. Research in the groups tends to be interdisciplinary and combines perspectives from engineering and planning with social sciences and humanities, particularly in relation to the areas of natural resource, environmental and energy management. The research also tends to be problem-based and action-oriented and often seeks to contribute to policies and practical improvements in relation to the sustainable use of resources. In recent years, teachers have taken part in a large number of externally funded European, Nordic, and Danish projects in areas such as science and technology policy, technology and development, environmental politics and activism, environmental impact assessment and energy planning, as well as corporate environmental management.


Examples of cooperating authorities:

  • Danish Ministry of the Environment: Agency of Spatial and Environmental Planning & Environmental Protection Agency
  • Region of North Denmark
  • Region of South Denmark
  • The Greenlandic Self Rule
  • Municipality of Copenhagen

Examples of cooperating scientific institutions:

Examples of cooperating companies: