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Environmental Management & Sustainability Science


In the following examples of projects prepared by students at Environmental Management and Sustainability Science. The projects are illustrative examples but the scope for choosing subjects is wide within the overall frames for the semesters.

Examples of projects prepared by students on the 1st Semester

  • The integration of product-Orientation in an Existing Environmental Management System – A Case Study of Uponor:
    The project analysis the environmental management system in place at the production company Uponor and provides suggestions for making the system product orientented.

  • The Potential of a Carbon Footprint Label in the Danish Dairy Industry: A Case Study of Applying the Carbon Reduction Label to Thise Mejeri:
    With the dairy Thise Mejeri as a case, the project investigates how a carbon footprint label can be applied usefully and feasibly in the Danish dairy industry?

  • Environmental Impacts of Passive Houses - A comparative analysis of life cycle estimated costs and environmental impacts of two different approaches to 'Passive House' construction:
    The main purpose of the project is to establish how significant the choice of material is for passive houses in terms of their environmental impacts in a life cycle perspective.

Examples of projects prepared by students on the 2nd semester

  • EIA in an International Perspective – A Comparative Study of Denmark and the Australian State of Victoria:
    The project compares EIA systems and legislation in Denmark and Victoria in order to suggest improvements in each system.

  • How can voluntary environmental programs be used as instruments for greenhouse gas emission reduction in developing countries? - Evidence from Brazil, India and Vietnam:
    Case studies of voluntary environmental programs from Brazil, India and Vietnam and what the drivers behind these are.

  • Soil Erosion in the Ethiopian highlands of the eastern Nile river basin: An actor oriented approach towards sustainable management:
    This project embraces an actor oriented perspective on how to perceive the problem of soil erosion. It examines power between actors in order to grasp and manage the problem of soil erosion in a more sustainable way.

The 3rd semester consists of a traineeship. Further examples of traineeships undertaken by former Environmental Management and Sustainability Science students are listed here:

  • Vietnam: Working for the Danish Embassy mainly on integrating environmental issues into development projects and programes.

  • Phillipines: Working for SunPower Philippines Manufacturing Limited with implementation of an environmental management system.

  • USA: Working for the NGO Sustainable Seattle working with establishing sustainability indicators.

  • Australia: Working for Sinclair Knight Merz mainly with environmental impact assessment and environmental approvals for projects.

Examples of projects prepared by students on the 4th semester

  • When Design Matters - A study of the product-oriented environmental performance at B&O:
    The project deals with how the EuP Directive will create incentives for improving the environmental performance at B&O, and how a proactive strategy for improving product performance can be incorporated in the company.

  • EIA follow-up - The solution for noise problems from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport:
    The project is an analysis of the linkage between monitoring of actual noise data from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the noise effect to the surrounding area.

  • Buildings for Sustainable Development - A Study of Drivers and Barriers for Sustainability in the Minnesota Building Industry:
    The project is focussed on uncovering existing challenges towards green building, identifying regulation and entities such as institutionalization and decentralization as necessary components for successful implementation of sustainable building and suggesting future initiatives.

  • Motivating Sustainable Agriculture - Change Applied to the Island of Samsø:
    The project investigates concrete measures for sustainable agriculture and elaborates on how local communities can motivate change in agricultural systems.



Projects and posters

Projects and posters